Heavy Trash Dumpster - Delayed - April 06, 2020

The delivery of the first heavy trash dumpster will be delayed because of COVID-19 concerns. ... [more...]

Stay at home Order extended two weeks - April 03, 2020

Stay at home order as well as public emergency has been extended. [more...]

Golf Cart/ATV registration renewal - April 03, 2020

We have had a number of inquiries as to how to go about renewing golf cart / ATV registrations, w... [more...]

Grass Clippings - April 03, 2020

PSA: As mowing season is now upon us, please be aware that as of December, 2019, it is now ILLEGA... [more...]

State of Indiana COVID-19 Updates - March 19, 2020

To get updates for Indiana, go to: [more...]

COVID-19 - March 12, 2020

Effective March 12,2020 Due to Covid-19 communicable disease outbreak, and the unknown certainty... [more...]

COVID-19 - March 12, 2020

This is an important message from Adams County, Indiana Emergency Alerts Indiana State Departmen... [more...]


Workforce Manager

The Town of Geneva Work Force Manager is the chief administrator of the Town and is appointed by the Geneva Town Council.  Listed below are just a few of the responsibilities:

  • Overseeing the performance of all City departments
  • Implementing policies and ideas adopted by City Council
  • Ensuring that all projects, operations, and functions of the City operate efficiently
  • Ensuring all Local, State, and Federal laws are followed by the City
  • Responding to citizen concerns

The Work Force Manager also works to develop the Town's annual budget, works with other administrators in the region along with other City and County officials, and performs other duties assigned to the manager per the request from the Town Council.

Robert L. Johnson

Mr. Johnson was appointed to start assisting in an administrative position as the Public Works advisor in 2015.  From there, he was then appointed to be the Work Force Manager in 2018. Johnson's background includes; over 20 years of law enforcement, along with drainage, and work in the civil engineering field. 

Currently Johnson works along side the Town's crews whenever there is a major task at hand, snow plowing, leaf pickup or also along side the Police Department as well. 

The Manager's office is located inside the Town Hall, at 411 E. Line Street, Geneva IN or he can be reached by calling:  260-368-7251.


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