Heavy Trash Dumpster - Delayed - April 06, 2020

The delivery of the first heavy trash dumpster will be delayed because of COVID-19 concerns. ... [more...]

Stay at home Order extended two weeks - April 03, 2020

Stay at home order as well as public emergency has been extended. [more...]

Golf Cart/ATV registration renewal - April 03, 2020

We have had a number of inquiries as to how to go about renewing golf cart / ATV registrations, w... [more...]

Grass Clippings - April 03, 2020

PSA: As mowing season is now upon us, please be aware that as of December, 2019, it is now ILLEGA... [more...]

State of Indiana COVID-19 Updates - March 19, 2020

To get updates for Indiana, go to: [more...]

COVID-19 - March 12, 2020

Effective March 12,2020 Due to Covid-19 communicable disease outbreak, and the unknown certainty... [more...]

COVID-19 - March 12, 2020

This is an important message from Adams County, Indiana Emergency Alerts Indiana State Departmen... [more...]


Utilities Clerk

The Town's Utility Clerk serves as the link between Town Council and citizens as well as between the Town's Manager and Town employees.

The office of Utility Clerk for the Town of Geneva has the main tasks of; preparing utility billings.  This position; prepares, mails out, and receipts in the billings and payments of.  There is interaction with the public as well as providing clerical, record keeping and administrative functions to the Town Clerk and the Town Manager.  In addition, this individual performs many tasks that assist in guiding and managing the operation of local government policy and law.  Below are just a few of the responsibilities of the Town of Geneva City Clerk.

  • Maintains the Billing of the Utilities of the Town
  • Collects and receipts in the Utility payments for the Town
  • Manages requests to speak to Council
  • Collects, organizes, and maintains records
  • Records and submits City Council meeting minutes

Sally Burry - Deputy Clerk

 Sally Burry- Mrs. Burry first started with the Town of Geneva as the Police   Department's Administrative Assistant. In which she worked closely   with the Clerk's office. Then, in lieu of the passing of the late Deputy   Clerk/Treasurer Rosie Putterbaugh, Mrs. Burry was named to fill the   position. Mrs. Burry still works closely with the police department,   helping to complete administrative tasks.