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Clerk / Treasurer

  •  Clerk Treasurer - Jane Kaverman

 Jane Kaverman- Mrs. Kaverman serves as Geneva's Clerk/Treasurer. She was appointed in May of 2015 after the retirement of Bill Warren. She is the fiscal officer of the Town of Geneva and as such is responsible for all the monies received and disbursed by the town. The Clerk/Treasurer also prepares the budget, financial statements, and proposed tax rates for the town council. The clerk Treasurer works hand in hand with the DLGF and SBOA to ensure state reports are filed to their criteria.  In addition, the Clerk/Treasurer is the clerk for the legislative body and an ex-officio member of the Town Council.

Jane Kaverman background has been in the manufacturing world.  Her work experience has included purchasing, customer service, production planning as well as shipping.  Jane attended Wright State University pursuing a degree in Business.